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The ocean off of Oregon’s Coast is one of the richest temperate marine ecosystems in the entire world. Yet along the Pacific Coast we are witnessing the nation’s largest fishery closure unfold – a closure that was put in place because of diminishing groundfish populations. Scientists warn that these groundfish closures are glaring red flags indicating all is not well in our ocean.

Green Fire Productions has produced a new documentary, Common Ground: Oregon’s Ocean that examines Oregon’s ocean ecosystems and looks for ways to protect marine biodiversity and enhance fisheries.

This 28-minute documentary features extraordinary underwater footage filmed off the Oregon Coast. The film weaves cutting edge marine science with perspectives from those who rely on the ocean for their livelihood.

Common Ground is intended to foster dialogue among diverse Oregonians and stimulate actions that will help shape solutions to protecting marine biodiversity. Public screenings are taking place around the state. Check for upcoming screening dates. The screenings are followed by a Q & A session with a panel of marine science experts and ocean stakeholders. See the excerpts of screening discussions.

Ask the Director – check out interview with Common Ground director, Karen Anspacher-Meyer.



Common Ground Screening in Port Orford
Seafood Choices Matter
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FAQ on Marine Reserves
by Dr. Mark Hixon (PDF)

Shouts and Murmurs
Listen to Congressman Blumenauer’s Address at the Portland Premiere of “Common Ground”
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