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Network of Marine Reserves Approved by Oregon Legislature
The Oregon Senate voted to support implementing two marine reserves this year, one at Redfish Rocks in Port Orford and one at Otter Rock near Depoe Bay, as well as the further evaluation and collection of baseline biological, social, and economic information over the next 18 months for sites proposed off Cape Falcon, Cascade Head, Cape Perpetua and to support a proposal from the Coos County area.

The bill also directs communities adjacent to the proposal areas to form teams composed of diverse and balanced stakeholders for the on-going collaborative efforts surrounding rule making, research, monitoring, and marine reserve implementation.

This first step at establishing a network of marine reserves is the result of years of hard work by many people whom Green Fire is pleased to have worked with and interviewed for the Common Ground film series. Many thanks to all for their role in this important effort and their continued involvement in the on-going process. To read more...
For news go to the Oregon Marine Reserves website.

Common Ground III: Oregon's Network of Marine Reserves and Marine Protected Areas - Filmed in HD
World renown Oregon scientists reveal why a network of marine protected areas and reserves gives us the best chance to ensure we can continue to benefit from our ocean’s bounty, not just today but in the future. Hear from coastal leaders, fishermen and business owners why they believe marine reserves are essential to Oregon.

View it online, provide the video web link to others or get your own copy and share with family, friends and colleagues. Do your part to spread the word.

How Can I Help?

Our Ocean

Our Ocean is a coalition of conservationists, scientists, ocean users, local leaders, and business people from around the state working to preserve Oregon’s coastal legacy. Contact Our Ocean to get involved.

Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition
Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition serves as the guardian of the public interest for Oregon’s coastal region and is dedicated to preserving the natural communities, ecosystems and landscapes of the Oregon coast while conserving the public’s access.

Environment Oregon
Environment Oregon's top priority is to protect the Oregon Coast. Send a message to OPAC letting them know you support establishing a network of marine reserves in state waters.

Surfrider – Oregon
Surfrider works to preserve our oceans, waves & beaches. Get involved with a local chapter or volunteer to test seawater quality.

Seafood Choices Matter
Use this quick guide for choosing seafood that is good for the ocean and healthy to eat.

Support Oregon’s fishing communities
Local Ocean Seafood showcases premium quality seafood from the Pacific Ocean. Learn about ways to support local fishing families and fishing communities and sustainable fishing.

Common Ground is now available with Spanish subtitles. Contact Green Fire for more information.


Common Ground screening in Charleston, Oregon
Seafood Choices Matter
Use this quick guide for choosing seafood that is good for the ocean and healthy to eat.

FAQ on Marine Reserves
by Dr. Mark Hixon (PDF)

Shouts and Murmurs
Listen to Congressman Blumenauer’s Address at the Portland Premiere of “Common Ground”